Accurate Drug Testing with Ehrlich Reagent

There are three main drug testing procedures that are readily available in public. The first method is the oral fluid test which is done by taking a saliva sample using a cotton swab which is then dipped into a solution. The drug test solution is designed to give an accurate reading in terms of showing proof if there is any presence of drugs and metabolites. The oral fluid test can show accurate results if the participant has indeed ingested any form of drugs or illegal substance within a course of 3-7 days.

The second procedure is urine based which can detect drugs and metabolites over the course of up to 30 days or depending on the substance. The last common procedure is the blood test which should only be done on a sterile medical area. This type of procedure can detect the presence of drugs within the course of 30 days. The wims cilabs is an expert of ehrlich reagent; you can visit their original site for detailed info.

Home Drug Test Kits

Nowadays, people can do their own drug test procedure even with the use of an ehrlich reagent which can detect the presence of LSD, mushrooms or DMT. Home kits are quite effective as indicated in their boxes. Keep in mind that not all of these home drug test kits work the exact same way or are designed similarly. Always check the box or better yet, ask help from the experts so they can recommend the right drug test kits that are guaranteed to show the most accurate results.

These drug test kits can be purchased online but do make sure that you are buying them from a legit seller or store. Most of these drug test kits can be administered at home or in any medical facility. The test kits vary depending on its purpose or the type of substance that it was designed to detect.