How to Fix a Faulty Mobile Phone with These Basic Tips

Whether we admit it or not, our mobile phones have been very important necessities in our lives when communicating in the different parts of the world. Unfortunately, it is a bit challenging for us if we encounter a malfunctioning device that forces us to find the basic tips on how to fix a faulty mobile phone.

Before we proceed to the discussion of some of the most effective do-it-yourself solutions at home, let us first talk about the usual strategies of many cell phone users. Perhaps the most typical solution that most of us think is to visit a trusted repair center and let an expert fix the device. We know that if we purchase a unit from an authorized store, we get a warranty card that we can use if ever the handset malfunctioned unexpectedly. However, the situation is different once the problem occurred after the warranty period.

If the warranty card of the device is still active, there is a bigger chance of bringing it to the repair center to fix or even replace phone under the signed agreement. This is the reason why we need to read the agreement properly before we sign it and pay for the device because there are bogus sellers that don’t have proper after-sale assistance.  These are actually those sellers whose intention is to earn money from their customers, but refuse to serve them once a problem manifest. Definitely, we really have to avoid any kind of transaction with these types of companies.

Anyway, forget about visiting a repair shop because the main focus of the discussion here is to learn how to fix a mobile phone that is not working. The list below will help us discover some useful tips on how to do the fixing effectively while at home:

  • Turn Off and Turn On the Phone

If ever we experience minor errors with our handset, we can try resolving the problem by simply turning off and then turning on the handset after few minutes. This kind of problem usually occurs when we are not using the phone for weeks or months because it affects the power cycle and it drains the battery quickly.

  • Checking the Factory Default Settings

At times, checking the factory default settings is necessary when we cannot restore the power cycle. The procedure is not difficult because we only need to reset the current default settings of the phone and can resolve the issue quickly. Remember that they included this type of feature in almost all mobile phones to reset the device without bringing it to the repair center.