Renting A Wheelchair A Accessible Vehicle

There are some people that aren’t able to walk due to several conditions. They can be confined to a wheelchair and getting around can be hard. Going up the stairs can be a challenge but there are wheelchair ramps that make things easy. In the case of vehicular travel, the common thing to do is to carry the disabled person into the car and fold the wheelchair and it can be placed inside the car. There is also a wheelchair transport where there is a ramp or mechanism that allows the disabled person to enter the car easily.

What you can expect from a wheelchair transport

  • We mentioned that there is a ramp on the car. The ramp can be folded back inside the car or under it. Even if there is no help, the wheelchair person can easily stroll up and down the car.
  • There is also something like a mechanism which functions as a lift. The wheelchair can be on top of the mechanism. It will then rise up and the wheelchair can stroll inside. More information on wheelchair transport on
  • These entry points can be accessed by remote or there is a button inside the car. You can also manually operate it when those things fail.
  • The space can be taken up where the person with the wheelchair will be staying. They are mostly situated at the back of the car.

Where you can rent these types of transport

  • You can always find a wheelchair transport rental service in your area. In fact, some car rental service may have this kind of vehicle that you can rent other than the regular vehicles and cars.
  • You can also find them on the internet. You can find different rental services online that you can contact and even book as long as they can cater to your area.

Renting a wheelchair accessible vehicle can be a good idea when you have a person in your group that uses it.