Understand Which Compressor To Get By Reading Air Compressor Reviews

If you merely want an air compressor for spray-painting cars or powering certain power tools like the impact wrench then a pancake, hotdog, or vertical air compressor will do the trick just fine. It’s especially handy to get a unit that’s the right size. If your compressor doesn’t require much moving, a big one might suffice with the caveat of it having a wheel or two attached to it for good measure. Reading air compressor reviews should help you make up your mind when push comes to shove. Through such reviews, you will get peer ratings on how good or bad a given brand of air compressor is. You can also get specifics on which ones are lying or not in terms of their specs, CFM per 90 PSI, and maximum PSI as well as quality control.

Finding The Right Compressor for You

Compressor Size Matters:It’s reassuring for a mechanic or DIY homeowner to have a compressor handy that runs below his work bench in his garage as he tinkers away with whatever projects that finds his fancy without getting in his way at all. Proper compressor unit placement is wholly dependent on the size of the compressor in question. If you want something that requires little moving and can occupy the corner of your garage then you can go big.

• Lighter Means More Versatility: Light, portable air compressor units are fine when working on tight spaces with little room, but sometimes you need something with more oomph to it. If you require compressors with more torque, like in the case of impact wrenches used on cars, then you need bigger units. However, the portable ones you can bring with you during emergency tire replacement and the like since they’re less cumbersome to lug around. Learn more about air compressor reviews on homyden.

Heavier Means More Power: You can also find a compressor that’s ergonomic, like in the case of the DeWalt 55141. Having a good grip on your air compressor should enable you to move and aim it around easier. Getting something heavier might sacrifice mobility, but in exchange you’ll end up with a more balanced unit that produces more airflow when push comes to shove. You should also hunt own a product with good quality fittings and gauges as well.