Role Of A Fire Watch Guard In Case You Need To Perform One

Role of fire watch guards is very crucial; it is not just to take care of fire after it takes place, but also before the fire happens. The main role of fire watch guards is to watch that under the situation of failure of the fire security system of premises; it does not take place at all. Therefore the duties of fire watch officers are quite a lot. There are many duties of a fire security guard, and therefore, it is quite important to know the duties of them.

Some Of The Main Duties Of A Fire Security Guard:


The first duty of a fire security officer is to prevent fire in any circumstances. While patrolling or maintaining the post, he must keep a check on all the possible fire hazards. Usually, sparks, storing combustible, and flammable items near heat sources. The fire from electrical appliances should also be taken into consideration. The officers should also check that the fire extinguishers at the site are not damaged and haven’t passed their expiry dates. Learn more about fire watch companies on fastfirewatchguards.

Phone calls

The second most important duty of a fire security guard is to make sure that the fire has taken place in case he sees any sign of fire like smoke. Then after looking fire with his own eyes, the first thing he has to do is to call the fire department to inform them about the event and fire watch guards also works with the building staff to help other persons.


If an event of fire occurs in a crowded area like a business center or shopping mall, then the fire security has to help in the evacuation of the building. It includes directing the people towards the closest emergency exit and making sure that there is no item blocking the way to the exit or through the exit.

Knowing the important functions of the fire watch guards, you may sometimes be able to help them in their work. But do not think that you can do the work all by yourself as they are specially trained for this and are professionals.