How to Fix a Faulty Mobile Phone with These Basic Tips

How to Fix a Faulty Mobile PhoneWhether we admit it or not, our mobile phones have been very important necessities in our lives when communicating in the different parts of the world. Unfortunately, it is a bit challenging for us if we encounter a malfunctioning device that forces us to find the basic tips on how to fix a faulty mobile phone.

Before we proceed to the discussion of some of the most effective do-it-yourself solutions at home, let us first talk about the usual strategies of many cell phone users. Perhaps the most typical solution that most of us think is to visit a trusted repair center and let an expert fix the device. We know that if we purchase a unit from an authorized store, we get a warranty card that we can use if ever the handset malfunctioned unexpectedly. However, the situation is different once the problem occurred after the warranty period.

If the warranty card of the device is still active, there is a bigger chance of bringing it to the repair center to fix or even replace phone under the signed agreement. This is the reason why we need to read the agreement properly before we sign it and pay for the device because there are bogus sellers that don’t have proper after-sale assistance.  These are actually those sellers whose intention is to earn money from their customers, but refuse to serve them once a problem manifest. Definitely, we really have to avoid any kind of transaction with these types of companies.

Anyway, forget about visiting a repair shop because the main focus of the discussion here is to learn how to fix a mobile phone that is not working. The list below will help us discover some useful tips on how to do the fixing effectively while at home:

  • Turn Off and Turn On the Phone

If ever we experience minor errors with our handset, we can try resolving the problem by simply turning off and then turning on the handset after few minutes. This kind of problem usually occurs when we are not using the phone for weeks or months because it affects the power cycle and it drains the battery quickly.

  • Checking the Factory Default Settings

Factory Default SettingsAt times, checking the factory default settings is necessary when we cannot restore the power cycle. The procedure is not difficult because we only need to reset the current default settings of the phone and can resolve the issue quickly. Remember that they included this type of feature in almost all mobile phones to reset the device without bringing it to the repair center.

  • Removing the SIM Card and Battery

Removing the SIM Card and BatteryAlthough when a mobile phone hangs up, we easily consider that the battery is not working properly.  However, it is very important that we determine the connection between the SIM card and battery also. In most cases, we can resolve this kind of trouble easily by removing the card, the battery and then inserting them back to restart the phone after few minutes. This basic step can definitely help in determining if the SIM card or battery is already damaged too.

  • Use a Rice Bag to Dry the Phone

I believe that many of us are not familiar with this one. I actually learned this from an article about technology and I found out that if we have problem dealing with a wet mobile phone, sticking the phone in the dry rice bag can help in eliminating the liquid. By simply leaving the phone on the dry bag overnight under the sun, this can absorb the liquid and restore the functionality of the device again. In most cases, a wet phone may be due to spilled soda, coffee, or water without our expectation.

Always remember that if we tried these simply tips but our mobile phone seems to continue having a faulty performance, it is best to visit a technician to resolve the problem. Usually, it may also require us to buy a new battery, replace the SIM card, change the charger or reformat the unit to end the trouble.

Of course, if we are confident enough that we can still fix the issue on our own, this is always an advantageous decision to consider. Besides saving us extra cash, we learn the exact techniques without depending on the technician.

Lastly, the Internet is a very reliable source of information that can definitely help us find more free tips on how to repair a malfunctioning handset at home.

How Good Is The Coloud “The Pop” Headset?

Coloud HeadsetIf you are a music fan like me, then you have to know what’s the best headset to get. Today, there is a wide range of headphones and headsets for everyone. But not all of these are ideal to music lovers. There are people who do not want to spend extra money when it comes to headset, but there are others who will allot more money to get the highest quality audio comfort regarding headsets. Either way, you can now get these two factors. When I was in a local mall, I went to a mobile device shop. There I saw a pair of headsets called “Coloud”. I tried this headset and it is quite decent, for the price range. If you want to know more about Coloud, then you must take advantage of Coloud Pop headphones review.

Currently, there are three kinds of Coloud headphones in the market; the boom, the knock and the pop. If you are a fan of headphones and there is no problem walking around with it on, then you have to go for the Boom and the Knock. Although they are quite expensive, they provide amazing sound performance. On the other hand, if you like a simple, cheap headset, then go for the Pop. I got the Pop so I can bring it with me anywhere I go. I have the more superior SkullCandy, but the Coloud Pop seems like a good alternative. Plus, it comes in striking colorway! This could be one of the bestselling factors of the Coloud’s line of headsets. They are pleasing to the eyes.

What I like about the Pop is that it’s in-ear headphones. It has a straightforward design, but it’s made of plastic. Another thing that you have to consider when buying headset is that if you will buy a particular headset made out of plastic, do not go for the white ones. My SkullCandy headset was originally white, but as times goes by, it accumulates dirt. Now, it is yellowish. The Coloud Pop can withstand the wear and tear of daily use, especially if you will not use it like all the time. The Coloud pop earphones also come with three extra earbuds to fit your ears. This is important for added grip and comfort to the ears.

Coloud Is A Budget Friendly-Earphones You Can Find In Malls

I’m a guy who wants an optimized level of audio quality, which is why I make sure to test the headphones before I buy one. Make no mistake about it; the Coloud Pop has an astonishing audio quality! For a $25 price range, I was quite surprised by its performance. I can even compare its performance to the more superior and more expensive earphones like the Beats and Marshall. I love the bass in the Coloud Pop. It is not overpowering, but it has a pleasant kick that makes your listening pleasure more optimized.

I should add that for the price you pay, you get more than what you anticipated. This was in my case. I did not have any high hopes about the Coloud Pop the first time I picked it up. This is due to the fact that it is cheap and it is not a brand I was familiar in the first place. I love how it made my travels a lot more pleasant. I have the Razer Electra headphone but at times, it is cumbersome, let alone bulky. I don’t usually use bags when I travel. A small handbag is enough, which is why the Coloud Pop fits perfectly into it. If you want a bang for your buck, get the Pop headset from Coloud.

Today, the Coloud is bundled with any Nokia handsets. The Coloud Pop for Nokia headphones review will offer ideas as to how you can get the listening pleasure when you use it. Although most Coloud headphones are bundled, you can still get the ones being sold in different electronics stores. Overall, I like Coloud in terms of the sound quality and the price it comes with. You will surely get the chance to own a great-performing headset without actually paying too much. The Coloud’s line of headphones will surely rival the more established name in the industry, minus the expensive price tag, that’s for sure.

What You Need to Learn about the Best Tablet PC Units

tablet pcContrary to what other gadget enthusiasts are saying, I personally believe that the world of tablet PC remains phenomenon today. To prove this, the Internet is continuously revealing new brands, models and designs that are emerging the market. Just like the latest options I discovered online, they are now become lighter, thinner, stylish and faster than few years ago.

Because of this development, we have to admit that it is somehow difficult to choose the best product that can easily meet our requirements and expectations.

The reason why I want to discuss about the best tablet PC units is that I noticed some gadget lovers who are beginning to ignore them. Well, correct me if I am wrong but this is the reality now and this must not be the trend. I want you to remember that some people invest money for those costly gadgets without even thinking about the other choices that can satisfy them. They usually focus on the available inventive Android devices and mobile phones. Of course, this is their own decision and so they have the prerogative to decide.

If you want to have a dependable gadget like me, I say that you begin searching for a nice tablet PC that can meet your desire. Do you want to know what I bought few weeks ago? I invested for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 unit and I can tell that this unit is for real entertainment if you love to play games, listen to music and watch your favorite movies at your own convenience.

Just to give you an idea about my latest gadget, I listed below the best features it offer:

  • It features the Android 4.4 Kit Kat OS
  • Boasts a 1.9 GHz Exynos 5 Octa 5420 Processor
  • Great resolution because of its Super AMOLED Display screen
  • Rear camera is 8 Megapixels with LED flash
  • Front camera is 2.1 Megapixels
  •  16 GB Flash Memory
  • 3 GB RAM Memory and a
  • Power saving battery

Definitely, this unit is a great choice if you want a convincing Internet surfing device as well. But if you were to ask me, I want to share at least 3 of the most important factors that helped me decide to buy a tablet personal computer.

Check its Portability

Remember that it does not matter if you want a 7 or 10 inches unit, it is important that you check its portability when you go to different locations. If you are a business person, I suggest that you choose a lightweight option to enjoy the exact convenience whenever you travel. In most cases, a 7-10 inches device weights around 400 grams to 750 grams.

Actual Display Screen

tablet picThis is another important factor that I always consider when I buy this kind of unit. Because I want a clearer resolution, I chose an option that features a display screen of at least 2560 x 1600 resolutions. Based on my experienced using my Samsung device, this screen resolution provides the exact sharpness of the images and texts for a better viewing experience.

3G or Wi-Fi Connectivity

Remember that 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity are two of the most popular versions when connecting to the Internet. Of course, I’m aware of this factor and so I acquired a device that will not frustrate me whenever I visit a place wherein 3G or Wi-Fi connectivity is available. This is what most business persons choose because they love to stay on places with hotspot web connections.

Actual Battery lifespan

Battery lifespanOf course, if you want to invest for a dependable tablet PC regardless if the brand is Apple, Samsung, ASUS, Toshiba or Acer, it is very important that you choose a device that can last up to 5-7 hours when using it. This is actually the best time that I observe when using my gadget and if you can find something that can even exceed 7 hours, this is certainly more favorable.

I really believe that with the help of these aforementioned factors that I discussed, you can look forward to searching for the best unit on the market. As for those who do not agree with me, I want them to realize that the market is now booming with the different available models, brands and designs of tablet PCs. These products assure the most satisfying features that can meet the desires of many users out there, which include me and you!

5 Important Pointers when Applying for a Mobile Phone Subscription Plan

mobile phoneIn my own experience, it is very important that you do not rush things out when applying for a mobile phone plan because this might disappoint you later on. Well, I am telling you this because my sister-in-law experienced a disappointing deal because she got excited to own her new Samsung mobile phone. I want to clear out things that it is not about the unit where Jenny felt disappointed. It’s about the plan she applied from the service provider.

Okay remember that as a buyer, you have to do the right way because the mobile phone you want to invest is an essential factor for your communication needs. On this, you really have to consider a good deal that can help you make most out of your plan even if you are paying a monthly subscription.

I actually listed below some important pointers to avoid your frustrations when applying for a plan. Right after my conversation with my sister-in-law, I made a little research online to determine these tips because I don’t want to experience the same trouble like her.

  1. Evaluate the Best Providers

    When you are planning to apply for subscription plan, it is very important to evaluate the best network providers based on the country you live. I said based on the country because we do not have the same network providers and offered plans. To make sure that you get the best deal, I want you to inquire personally by visiting the actual office after you evaluated the providers. When you talk to the representative, be sure to ask the necessary questions and possible hidden charges that they never explain during the process.

    Likewise, check their customer support properly and spend a little time in evaluating the reviews from both new and regular subscribers.

  2. Determine the exact usage

    Remember that it does not matter if you want a branded Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, Apple or a Sony handset, it is important that you consider the exact usage of your mobile phone. If you choose a cheaper subscription, you only have limited usage and might not even get a high-end device. I know this because I once applied for a cheap option before and the provider only offers me a Samsung Galaxy Young for a $7 monthly subscription plan.

    Of course, my choice might not be suitable for you and you must consider the exact plan with the exact usage that you can afford. Part of the usage that your mobile phone needs to include is your social networking usage, especially now that the Internet is a favorite place to visit regularly.

  3. Consider a plan within your budget

    Like what I said awhile ago, it is not true that if you choose a cheaper subscription plan, the provider will let you get an expensive device. This is the reality when applying for a mobile phone plan and so you ought to consider a plan within your budget. For instance, if you want an expensive device, I suggest you get a plan with at least $20-$80 subscription every month.

    However, do not force yourself to pay for an expensive deal if you have a tough financial budget. My suggestion is to consider only what is suitable for you. This is actually the issue about Jenny because she applied for a $35 but paying almost $50 monthly plan due to the hidden charges under a 30-month subscription.

  4. Check any special offer

    Based on my observation, I can say that because of the tight competition involving the different network providers, most of them are offering great deals to attract more interested clients. Usually, they offer free calls (but with limited minutes) and unlimited free text messages to make their deals more enticing. Of course, these are usual special added benefits and I know that these offers don’t affect the earnings of these companies. They still earn considerable amount because they have thousands if not millions of subscribers out there.

  5. Evaluate the offered contract

    Lastly, make sure to evaluate the offered contract before you agree. I want you to understand that if you choose a shorter plan, this does not have special discounts and perks like if you consider a longer contract. On the other hand, you can always upgrade your subscription if you are a good customer and this is beneficial to get the best deal around plus the latest available handset.